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    Oil mist and waste gas
    treatment specialist


    2018-11-20 The wide application of spiral ducts is the inevitable result of indus

    Our aims:Intellight,zero emission



    Product parameters

    Product Name: Dust Collector Filter type: Filter cartridge and cloth bag
    Body material: Steel plate Scope of application: 5200M3/H--7000M3/H
    Applicable object: Dust Effective filtration area(m2): 72
    Dimensions (MM): 800*2200*3500    
    Model DPF-96 Inlet dust concentration(g/m3) <200
    Handing air volume(m3·h) 5200-7000 Export dust concentration(mg/m3) ≤50
    Filtration area(m2) 72 Gas source pressure(MPa) 0.4-0.6
    Filtering wind speed(m/min) 1.2-1.7 Air consumption for cleaning(m3/min) 0.29
    Filtering wind speed 96 Understand negative pressure(Pa) 5000
    Inlet gas temperature ≤120 Number of pulse valves 12
    Equipmentresistance(Pa) ≤1200 Fan motor power(KW) 5.5

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